• Arm holding up a black Tuff Tote outside, showcasing the white printed graphic on the fabric.
  • Man walking up stairs wearing the Ecru-colored Code Tee with black graphics and the black-colored Tuff Tote with white printed graphics.
  • Outside photo of the black Duties Tuff Tote with white printed graphics.
  • The black-colored Duties Tuff Tote hanging round the neck of a scarecrow outside.
  • Man holding up the black-colored Tuff Tote showcasing the white printed graphics.

Tuff Tote

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Built to flex across all formats, the Tuff Tote features a graphic print on one side accompanied by our studio logo on the reverse side of the bag. Screenprinted on heavyweight cotton canvas. Produced with wide reinforced shoulder straps to provide extra support and comfort when carrying heavier items.

● One size 84mm x 55mm

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